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1.      To Check in — to record one’s arrival, as at a hotel or for work; sign in or report

2.      To land — to come down or bring (something) down to earth after a flight or jump

3.      To take off — the act or process of making an aircraft airborne

4.      A flight — a scheduled airline journey

5.      Destination — the predetermined end of a journey or voyage

6.      A journey — a long travelling from one place to another

7.      A trip — an outward and return journey, often for a specific purpose

8.      A voyage — a journey, travel, or passage, esp one to a distant land or by sea or air

9.      A camp/ campsite — a place where tents, cabins, or other temporary structures are erected

10.  To go sightseeing — to visit the famous or interesting sights of (a place)

11.  luggage — suitcases, trunks, etc., containing personal belongings for a journey; baggage

12.  Suitcase — a portable rectangular travelling case, usually stiffened, for carrying clothing

13.  package holiday — a tour arranged by a travel agent; transportation and food and lodging are all provided at an inclusive price

14.  self-catering holiday — denoting accommodation in which the tenant or visitor provides and prepares his own food

15.  main road/ minor road — trunk road

16.  Tube/ underground/ subway — An underground railroad tunnel.

17.  ferry — a vessel for transporting passengers and usually vehicles across a body of water, esp as a regular service

18.  To board (boat / plane) — to go aboard (a vessel, train, aircraft, or other vehicle)

19.  hitch-hike — to travel by obtaining free lifts in motor vehicles

20.  set off — to embark on a journey


21.  check-in desk

22.  duty free

23.  boarding gate

24.  airport

25.  fasten seat belt

26.  passenger

27.  take off

28.  land

29.  luggage

30.  departure lounge

31.  flight attendant

32.  runway

33.  cabin crew

34.  board

35.  flight

36.  hand luggage

37.  porter

38.  security check

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