Family and Relationships

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Головна: Family and Relationships

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Discussion point: Family Relationships

Nuclear family                                                                       Extended family

(a family group that consists only of father,                        (a family consisting of the nuclear family   mother and children)                                                            and  their blood relatives)


parents батьки
father/mother тато/мама
sister/brother сестра/брат
aunt/uncle тітка/дядько
cousin кузин/кузина
grandmother/grandfather бабуся/дідусь
great-grandmother/ great-grandfather пра-бабуся/пра-дідусь
husband/wife чоловік/дружина
son/daughter син/донька
niece/nephew племінниця/племінник
godmother/father хресна мама/батько
godson/daughter похресник/похресниця

father-in-law свекор/тесть
mother-in-law                     свекруха/теща
brother-in-law шурин/зять
sister-in-law своячка/невістка
son-in-law зять
daughter-in-law невістка
stepfather вітчим
stepmother мачуха
stepbrother зведений брат
half brother зведений брат (спільні батько або мати)
Engaged-get engaged to (заручений) заручитись
Married-get married to одружитись
Bachelor/single girl холостяк/неодружений(на)
Widow/widower вдова, вдівець
Start a relationship почати стосунки
Divorced-get divorced from (розлучений) мрозлучитись
  1. Idioms

1). Black sheep of the family (the worst member of the family)

Mary is the black sheep of the family

2). Run in the family (a characteristic that appears in many(or all) members of a family)

My brothers and I have red hair. It runs in the family.

3). Blood is thicker than water (family relations are more important than all other relationships)

This housekeeper looked after him for many years, but he still left all his money to his only son. Blood is thicker than the water, you know.

4). A chip off the old block  (someone who is similar in character to their mother or father)

She enjoys joking like her mother does-she’s real chip off the old block!

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